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Friday, 27 February 2009

Sound Reasoning in the financial markets

Market movement is unique, each subsequent movement of prices is not like previous.

I would like to make their arguments on the financial markets and to give his assessment of forces that have a significant impact on the movement of prices in the financial market. The task that I put in front of you, above all, is to maintain sound value judgments about the risks and opportunities when working in the financial market. Each investor, who came on the market, aims to make money and not lose the opportunity to invest next time that it was well earned. The Art of stable earnings in the financial markets to become a myth for some other reality.
While the financial markets for a long period of time and analysis of scientific prominent investors, I have come to the conclusion that money, and lose, the market really, with a probability of 50 percent. Sometimes you wonder why I, a man who devoted much time studying the market, people who are constantly engaged in trade and practical analysis of movements in prices took a neutral position, not arguing that money for ryke easily and effectively, or conversely, what to do money out of money - the challenge is unreal. And all simply because I believe that everyone at heart, or in its essence is born with some talent, that is, each of us, you, I or someone else has some hidden talent, or in another capacity, which are disclosed in the course of life.
By continually over the life of the party to which a person is, he can succeed faster than others, in this, and it is expressed by the art of individuality, each of us is a creator, but it is in fact what he knows. I dare to say that if you are now reading this article, then surely you have something inside that led you to it here. Therefore, I would like to congratulate you and say that you're on the right track.
I sincerely wish that everyone who reads this article has such a talent that would enable him to earn a professional in the market and successfully carry out financial transactions. But even if you do not get it today do not feel pain and failure. Because it can always do for you more.
There is a very interesting pattern, if you're doing a very long one in any case, sooner or later you will realize that you know much more than others. Perhaps, in this hidden secret of the success of every professional - ongoing work on the case which you are interested. Why do I say this in this article, and why I'm not even talking about this topic. In life there are times when it is not feel like working on for the represented purpose, it seems now I have so many did, but no results, gradually interest in the case that you are doing, begins to disappear and then people begin to seek a new deal more interesting at the moment . The result of all this is the ability to work in many cases little, but not in the case that started. Therefore, people who love their work on the law are professionals and are getting big goals in the chosen specialization. Thus is born professionals - people love their business, people who year after year, becoming smarter and more purposeful in the chosen specialization.
I think the right to assume that you are also standing on the right track because the financial markets and all that this is linked to your professional interest. I think that in ten years if you continue to enhance the study of finance, you will very wealthy and successful among the other investors.
Having such a small logical digression, I would like to go directly to the topic for which I began this article, and in particular independent reasoning successful acquisition of capital and loss of capital at work in the market with real money. When I enter into a transaction, I make financial transactions and try to adequately talk about that work with real tools for financial or stock markets is safe, and make it as easy as simply walk into the store for shopping. When someone claims to lose a considerable amount of money in the market that make the market does not really express and confirms exactly what he had lost a considerable amount of money, if not all paying attention to real examples of other successful investors and traders . I, in turn, loan the article neutral simply sensible teacher who will show you both the positive and negative sides of the market, but to earn a losing, or giving a professional money manager - is a personal matter for each, guided by the factors I quote.
There is a very interesting statement, which reads: Rich immediately invest, then spend, while the poor just spend the remaining funds to invest. So as soon as there are rich free money, it looks for ways to invest, in order not to lose and multiply money. Invest the money could be anywhere ranging from real estate to their own bed mattress, where no one ever finds your hard earned money. If a person inexperienced in the subject of investment, it just gives money under professional management, certainly not a big percentage, but it will not be thinking about what a report on unemployment and how to publish the Americans proreagiruet to this message market, because they rotate and my money. Give the money an investor can, in principle, consider that you are done, but what happens in reality. No doubt the investor is well qualified that by law allows him to call a professional. These professionals are rarely lose money, but profits are typically obtained by these professionals, will be divided between you and the bank or investment fund. So, get your money grow if you feel like doing their business. Of course, there is a likelihood that an investor may lose some small part, but it did not happen as often as professionals always know what to do in this or any other situation.

There are people who do not trust their money to people on a number of strange set of reasons. In this case, it is possible to offer another version of a financial investment, in particular, to form their investment package. The successful formation of the package could allow to obtain large profits or lose money. The key point in this case is possession of information to investors and the proper use of this information in financial transactions. In this case, the likelihood of getting more profits increased beyond this, and the risk of loss of capital is also increasing. Many are at such risk, and then either become professionals in their case or lose money in the market and go away forever, arguing that the money market is very difficult and even impossible for some.
A typical situation is how it all began: the market has come a trader, brought hundreds of green, of course he came in the hope of earning and saving time starts. It takes some time, a trader in a hurry make mistakes, which in turn leads to a loss of capital, he starts to panic and immediately seek aftergame do not think that if the market went against the first time and stop-loss record, it is possible that no long-run trends and market consolidation. Making a few deals - no deposit, a trader disappointed hopes, and their dreams of wealth evaporate into the heavens. As a result, he begins to argue that the money market is not realistic, what is it, strictly speaking, and human, as he showed it in practice.
Now we can see several views and principles. First - where real people make money in real time. Second - when fans try to make their own money and do gradually grow up to the professionals and the third are the losers. As a conclusion of this article can be said that, at the place you put yourself and to reach. Each initially gave me a place in the world, such as the loser does not think about how to achieve success, he simply sees the causes and results, not breaking the intermediate stage of success, consistent training, he loses. Professional immediately understood that in this life is not given immediately, and small pieces, so it slowly climbs to the summit. But it will stay there for a long time and still be able to help one person get there. But an amateur and will be continually engaged in the full enjoyment by investing some amount, losing and gaining, but its purpose will be to obtain aesthetic pleasure.

President AlMaz Group Inc.
Alexander M. Mazurkevich

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