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Friday, 30 January 2009

The advantages of trading systems to other methods of decision-making in the securities market

The advantages of trading systems to other methods of decision-making in the securities market.

In order not to be at the scene of sheep and pigs, and if they have, then be able to quickly get out of the market, you need to understand the strategies of the market all the dealer groups, ranging from professionals to ordinary investors.

The approach any stockbroker to trade in a 100% mechanical, or by 100% subjective. Meanwhile, stockbroker, who have designed and well-designed trading system, there is no need to take commercial decisions themselves. They have a plan that says exactly what to do in any situation. All of them want to ¾ is to monitor the market to determine what actions are dictated by the trade and plan to order the broker. Most often, these plans are computerized trading. Dealer enters the market data and trading system was said to him what to do.

On the other hand someone who is not trading on the plan, has no fixed rules. It takes trading decisions subjectively, when he pushes the date, he has no guiding thread, except his idea of what will work well. While he tries to learn from previous mistakes ¾ this does not help, because the correct decisions are not always end in profit and incorrect decisions did not always end with losses. But do not categorically assess the chances of such dealer, dealer history knows examples of successfully applying the analysis of Hanna, Fibonachi or astrology, and providing that there is a market order, but in this case, their success can be largely attributed to good management techniques in cash and a disciplined risk control and not the correctness of the provisional theories or methods of prediction.

For dealer selling not characterized as mechanical and emotional side of decision-making. The effect of fear and greed just remarkable. The nature of rights is that under the influence of these feelings, he invariably takes a mistaken decision to speculative arena: so instead of closing the lucrative positions, he pays an additional application for the purchase of the broker at a time when the trend is already waning. One of the main dist 2000 inguishing features of the professional dealer in the fact that they have learned to control their fear and greed. They do this through self-discipline, which implies that the decision-making process has a structure designed, moreover, they are subject to signals from trading systems ¾ in fact, it is the only way to minimize the emotional strain, will inevitably destroy each trader.

All are more or less successful Throgmorton Street, not to mention the big investment companies are applying a relatively mechanical approach may find themselves unaware. Instead, most fans are more likely to use a subjective approach, following the short-term changes in prices as a guru. Many professional financial managers will have a system that is 100% mechanical. Those who do not operate 100% mechanically, typically allow themselves only a tiny number of opinion beyond the scope of their system.

When fully mechanical approach at the dealer will have a group of markets with which it will work. He will be the mathematical formulas that are based on the previous price talk, when to buy and when to sell. Will the rules of entry, exit rules to the playback position and the rule for vyigryvayuschih positions. Will the rules, when the trade and when to complete each of the systems. The only challenge facing the dealer, will be in the initial selection of a suitable market for each of its mechanical trading system and optimizing its parameters on the basis of available historical data, so that does not fit your trading system using historical data, and simultaneously to achieve the statistical advantages according to which:

(the average winning trade) * (% of winnings) ¾ (the cost of a broker and slippage)> (mean losing the deal) * (% losses)

Such a statistical advantage, but could not reach traders selling subjectively based on their perceptions of the market. Their income is likely to depend on the simple everyday factors, since these factors, not to mention the impact of rumors and guru, will influence the perception that the subjective traders would see on a computer screen.

In technical analysis, there is a whole lot of mechanical trading systems automatically decision about buying and selling securities. Some of them are quite complex, have their own methodology and understanding the market and contain several indicators, while others are based on a single indicator: whether moving averages or parabolic system, and also show good results. Many disadvantaged experience, stock analysts are trying to use as much as possible indicators in the trading system, and at the outlet willing to get a single consolidated signal. Typically, these analysts use several indicators of trends for the signal to start the trend and a host of indicators characterizing the zone perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti. But such searches cherished system with multiple indicators, according to the author's work, the vast majority of cases are doomed to failure because of two simple reasons.

The first reason for this ¾ contradictory signals: for example, while the use of parabolic systems and grid systems on the market slightly trend often signals of different forces and, if considered oscillators, the more they can often conflict with each other. The second reason is undesirable use of multiple indicators ¾ this delay signals. Even if the system is, for example, the trend of several indicators to it, because of construction, it is necessary to receive signals from at least the majority of indicators. But due to the fact that the trend indicators are the delay or, at best, simultaneous, the signals from the trend indicators will come only after the beginning of a new trend, and the overall signal received at the time when the trend is maturity. At that time, professional Throgmorton Street will gradually close their positions, and Throgmorton Street with trading systems to help them by engaging with them in the transaction. Closing position at such dealer will also occur at a time when the trend has changed and has become a recruiting force. From all this it follows that the use of such trading systems are either not efficient or inefficient and risky.

By virtue of the above considerations, to use the trade system with a small number of indicators and a tendency to detect at an early stage, rather than catch it for the tail. "

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